Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Mix!

Yo people! I have a new mix up. Just something I tossed together. I finally figured out an easy way to record mixes so I wanted to test it out. Listen/download here:http://soundcloud.com/fresh-ben

I also plan on posting here more frequently due to how anti-facebook I've been lately.

Friday, September 3, 2010

let's go ahead and do an update.

Hey to all the 3 people that look at my blog. I had 2 awesome events happen within the past couple months. Both run by Jon Shaffer and Jason Lebel, called Cerebral. They were the best at bringing out a ton of extra sound equipment and lighting that totally made the night. To all the Cerebral I got the awesome chance to play during peak hour. It was one of the best times DJing I've ever had. Here's a video of the night:


It was incredible.

Also in other news, I'm turning 21 in a few days. The fellas who run Second Saturdays were gracious enough to let me play a few days after my birthday for my birthday. So thanks to Jon Conrad and Joe Christopher to adding me to this awesome event!

Thanks for checking up people!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Some big things have been happing with my DJing lately. A local Indiana promoter, Turtle Matt is throwing a festival in Muncie. I don't have very many details at the moment but he wants me to play and I'm super excited.But if you want a presale ticket hit me up on FB or email me at Technics120037@yahoo.com. And for those of you know don't know, 3 rivers festival is going on right as I'm typing this. Which means it's time for Flow! A free all ages event going on @ CS3. 1915 Calhoun Street. Saturday july 17th starting at noon to 2 am. I play 3-4. So excited to be able to see some older more experienced DJs throw down hard. And finally the 23rd is coming up real quick. I have flyers and I've been putting them all around. You will not want to miss this! And I'm playing peak hour!

It's awesome having a job so I can buy sweet things further more helping my DJ skills. I just bought these bad boys:


Right now all I can basically say is wow! When I first started DJing I had a pair of Gemini cans, they had about zero isolation and just general overall poor quality. But now since I'm actually *mixing* tracks I figured it was a good time to sink some cash into a good pair of headphones. When I tell people that I spent the amount of money that I did they automatically think I'm crazy but when you're a DJ, it's a very worthy buy. If you can get over the hefty price tag, and snag a pair for yourself. It's totally worth it. And with Pioneer you know you're getting a quality piece of equipment. I read plenty of reviews and seen all the promo videos about these headphones and one feature that was expressed so strongly that doesn't really live up to how great they said it was is the removable XLR cable. Only in that it really doesn't remove as easily as expected. And I can see if wearing out over time, but it's no big cause I don't need to remove it every time I have a gig. but It would be nice. but what is good about the feature is that you can replace the cable it ever needed. I could go into a lengthy review but there are about a million other ones done by better DJs that have better technical know how. I just know I love these things. One last thing is at my work I can listen to headphones all day, 9 hours. So I'm wearing these just about 9 hours straight and they are comfortable the whole time: THE BEST.


I hope to see everyone at the upcoming events!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010




Flyers coming in tomorrow putting them everywhere!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big thangs poppin'.

Blog has totally be slackin' hard with me not having a computer, BUT I finally got a job and can afford computers and other various items.It's summer time, and that means people need things to do. If you came to Pulse Wave then you know that under 21 electronic events in Fort Wayne CAN be fun and CAN bring out a decent amount of people. Well we put together another all ages event, Cerebral. Here's the FB group: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128893377133092&ref=ts We're getting a mass amount of flyers made and I'll be promoting this shit out of this event. I'm hoping to have lots of people to come out. Cause what else is better to do on a Friday night? I'm sure all of you are burnt out on the Steak N Shake/IHOP/Walmart runs cause there isn't anything else to do. Also it's cheaper than going to a movie. So why not?


Lets rave.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pulse Wave!

FINALLY! Fort Wayne needs something like this that's all ages. As of right now I'm playing second. From 9-10. So everyone come out! There are 4 other awesome DJs playing so the night should be great.



Friday, March 26, 2010


I know.I know, I know part of being a "DJ" is taking requests. But how do you expect me not to be a dick when I'm playing electronic dance music for 45 minutes, and you come up tell me to throw on some Gucci Mane. What makes you think I was going to play that? For one, I've never even listened to Gucci Mane, I'm sure it's terrible. For two, if I was spinning hip-hop/rap. I certainly wouldn't be spinning that shit.